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Work Permits

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Jobs Abroad

In most cases you will need a concrete job offer from an employer in your target country prior to applying for the residence and work permit. This is extremely difficult, because most employers want to know the applicant in more detail before they offer him or her a job. This is difficult if you are not in the country where you want to emigrate to yet.

Jobs Employemnt

Employing a foreign worker means for most employers a lot of bureaucratic hassle. They need to proove there are no suitably educated and experienced workers in the country already before they can employ a foreign worker. In case of most Eurpean countries it means the employer must prove they were unable to find a suitable candidate in whole European Union, includig the new member states, which have a lot of skilled and well educated people, but a high unemployment rate at the same time.

The way you search for jobs in your home country may be completely different to the way you should search for a job in the country where you want to emigrate. Here are some tips:


If you have some relatives or friends in the country where you plan to move, ask them to help you. They might know someone who is looking for a person with your skils and experience, or they might give you tips where and how to search for job in the particular environment. A good advice may be worth millions sometimes.

Online Job Portals

there are many sophisticated job portals in all the "Western" countries. Prepare a good CV/resume, create some free accounts with your professional profile in the portals and submit your CV/resume there. Apply for jobs even if the employer specifies they need candidates based in the country already - it doesn't cost you anything and you never know, they may not be able to find a more suiable person for the position than you. You can find the most popular job portals in your favourite search engine, such as Google or Yahoo.

Study Abroad

Jobs Employemnt

In some cases it is a good idea to study in the country where you would like to settle down. Most countries prefer graduates of their own colleges and universities to the graduates of sme quality educational institutions in less developed countries. You can more familiar with the country, make friends with some local people, even get some work experience in part-time jobs. Remember, work experience in the country is usually much more valued than work experience (even of the same quality) from abroad, especially a less developed country.