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Work Permits

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Free information about Work Permits, Immigration, and the Green Card Lottery
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There are some links we think might be interesting for anyone looking for information about immigration, work permits, green card lottery, etc.

Please do not underestimate your research. Spend a lot of time reading as many relevant websites as possible. Hopefully this and other websites we link to at the bottom of this page will help you.

Immigration, Work Permit and Employment Links:

Cruise Ship Jobs - Free information about cruise line jobs. A complete guide to cruise ship jobs & cruise line employment. Work on cruise ships.

Cruise Ship Jobs - Current vacancies on cruise ships.

Work Visa for Cruise Ship Jobs

As we mentioned on other places of this web site, please consider this site as a staring point in your research for more information about immigration, work permits, resident permits, and green card lottery. We hope the links above will be helpful and will provide satisfactory information about immigration and different work permit schemes.