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Work Permits

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Immigration to Austria

Immigration Austria

It is employer's duty to apply for a work permit for a foreign worker in Austria. The application must be submitted in German. The employer can be either an Austrian company, or a foreign company that provides service to an Austrian company.

All workers that apply for work permits must show sufficient experience and skills to have the application approved.

The application for a work permit is submitted to the local Job Centre (Arbeitsmarktservice). Once it is approved, the candidate will have to apply for a Residence Visa at the Austrian embassy in their home country.

A Work Permit is a permission for the employer to employ a candidate in Austria. The candidate is not eligible to start the employment yet. they need to apply for a Residence Visa first.

Nationas of old countries of the European Union are free to take any employment in Austria at any time. Citizens of the new EU countries must apply for a Work Permit and Residence Visa at the moment.

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