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Work Permits

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Immigration to Germany

Immigration Germany Detschland

Germany, Europe's largest market, has a great shortage of skilled IT staff. Each year 75,000 work permits (Green Cards) are issued for immigrants in Germany, most of them n the Information Technology industry.

Apart of IT professionals, next highly skilled workers are required in Germany as well: scientists, engineers, professors, biologists, chemists, and physicists.

Highly qualified immigrants can get the Work Permit and Permanent Residence from the very beginning. They must hold a job offer from the perspective employer and a permission from German Employment Agency prior to their arrival to the country.

Family members can accompany the successful applicants and get Work Permits as well.

German embassies are responsible for collecting applications for immigration and Work Permits in Germany. Only citizens of next countries may apply for Work Permits while visiting Germany as tourists: Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and United States of America.

Nationas of old countries of the European Union are free to take any employment at any time. Citizens of the new EU countries must apply for Work Permit at the moment.

It is extremely difficult for an unskilled worker to get a Work Permit in Germany.

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